Virtual Incubator
Virtual Incubator

Do you have a great idea?

Virtual Incubator
Virtual Incubator

Act fast.

Virtual Incubator
Virtual Incubator

Make it reality.

The “Virtual Incubator” Concept

Be well sourced with enough runway to become part of the local eco-system. Come prepared so you start ahead. Focus on the one goal you want to achieve. Forget about “fundraising by tourism”. People are not waiting for you with bags full of cash.


The “Virtual Incubator” Concept

GISCO - Startup Competition at Winnipeg October 2-3

An exciting element of the Global Forum is the second annual GISCO startup competition. A jury of outstanding Silicon Valley- EU- and US based jurors will evaluate selected startups from a wide range of industries.  Top three competitors will be awarded significant assistance to take their fledgling business to the next level.

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“The Global Innovation Startup Competition (GISCO) offers a great opportunity for young entrepreneurs in IT/COM, bio/medtech, robotics, and big data to offer diverse and intelligent solutions integrating smart technologies with practical applications to industry leaders and investors. GISCO represents one way for them to get their name out there, and to earn serious funding.”

– Michael Stankosky, DSc., Professorial Lecturer,
Department of Engineering Management & Systems Engineering , The George Washington University


If you are interested in working with our mentors, or joining our mentor board, please contact us.
John T. Kenney
Michael Newman
Senior Sales Executive with Optical Cable Corporation
Azmat Malik
Innovation, Strategy, Marketing
Elise Ravenscroft
Marketing and Event Strategist
Bevis Cheng
Co-Founder & CEO
Nikki Lindgren
Digital & Growth Marketing
Catherine Lee
Sylvia Weiler
Digital Sales & Marketing
Laszlo Horvath
Digital Marketing, Business Startup & Management
Arthur J. Murray, D.Sc.
Knowledge Engineer
Vernon N. Lee, Jr.
New Business & Product Development
Espen D. Kateraas
Experienced Medical Marketing & Sales Professional
Marshall S. Ferrin
International Business Development Expert
Shirin Kashani
Strategic & Program Management Advisor
Rose Gabriele
Sales and Business Coach
Richard Allan Horning
Emerging Growth / Venture Capital Group
Meera Kaul
Startups, Foundation
Alan D Black
Sales Manager
Melissa Blau
Media, Finance & Online Gaming, Founder & Director of iGaming Capital
Sven C. Oehme
President and CEO European-American Business Organization, Inc.
Peter Justen
Five Plus & Entrepreneurship Ecosystem
Michael Stankosky, DSc
Research Professor & Professorial Lecturer
Olga Kostrova
Executive Coach - Serial Entrepreneur
Jan Hutchins
Former Mayor of Los Gatos, CA
Armando Castro
Corporate & Securities - Technology
Edutainer / Augmentor / EI Architect
John Novitsky
International Technology Expert
Eric Bärenzung
Media & IoT Technologies - Business Development Europe & Far East
David Drake
Telecom, Mobile, Entertainment, Media, Publishing, Advertising
Matthias Duys
Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and International Marketing
Patrick Muir
Intellectual Property
Kelly C. Huang
Lean Launchpad Methodology, Customer Development and Personal Branding
Amra Tareen
Startup Management
Andy Szekeres
Non Profit & Political Fundraising
Liz Wald
Global Operations & Entrepreneurship
Reza Helali
Investment Banker (M&A & Financing)
Kimberly A. Benson
Export Planning
Jay Borges
Start-up Sales
John Ricci
Fundraising, strategy, go-to-market
Julie Levenson
Financing and M&A Advisor
Jonathan Hubbard
Business Logic and Technology
Andrew Yu
Market Analysis, Strategy and Tactical Execution
Nathan Schor
Sales and Marketing
Randall Foster
Startups & Capital Raising
Mark T. Koo
Legal and Business Advise