Arthur J. Murray, D.Sc.

For over thirty years, Art Murray and his teams have helped organizations around the world transform into knowledge enterprises. A knowledge engineer by trade, he has the unique ability to capture and grow deeply embedded personal and institutional knowledge. His many clients include government agencies, non-profit organizations, and companies of all sizes in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. He has advised government leaders in ministries of defense, law enforcement, higher education, public health and whole-of-government in making the transition to a knowledge-based economy. More recently, he led a strategic knowledge capture and transfer initiative for the U.S. energy sector, and is currently technical director of a project to promote knowledge-sharing among world trade centers and science parks across the globe. His decades-long research into deep structure has been published in his new book: Deep Learning Manual: the knowledge explorer’s guide to self-discovery in education, work, and life, 2016.

As the first Fellow at the George Washington University Institute for Knowledge and Innovation (now the International Institute for Knowledge and Innovation), he is Director of the Enterprise of the Future program ( He has served as advisor to numerous international corporations and non-profit organizations in the fields of science, integrative medicine, smart cities, and organizational learning. He is a keynote speaker, a member of the Global Speakers Federation, an editorial board member and reviewer for scientific journals and trade publications, and has been featured in various publications and radio programs. He writes the widely-read column “The Future of the Future” which appears in KMWorld Magazine (

He holds a B.S.E.E. from Lehigh University, and the M.E.A. and D.Sc. degrees from The George Washington University.