David Drake

David Drake is the Chairman of LDJ Capital, a multi-family office based in New York with investments and assets being managed in the areas of real estate, energy, clean tech, healthcare, medical and pharma, tech, telecom, mobile, entertainment, media, publishing, advertising, compliance services, aviation & aerospace, shipping & transportation. Mr. Drake has been involved in TMT (technology, media, telecoms), realty, hospitality, cleantech, energy and social impact investments for more than 20 years. 

He represented the US Commerce Department at the EU Commission in Brussels and Rome in 2012 and was invited to the White House Champions of Change ceremony in Washington, D.C. and as a speaker at the UK Parliament in 2013.

Mr. Drake’s holdings have  media partnership with the European Business Angel Network, European Venture Philanthropy Association and Angel Capital Association of North America.  He sits on 4 angel networks and has co-founded two angel networks.

He has collaborated with institutional media leader Thomson Reuters, with speakers from Nasdaq, NYSE, KKR and Carlyle Group because of his media investments involved in financial conferences and thought leadership. 

He has spoken  in top universities like Cambridge, NYU, Cornell, Columbia,  and writes regularly for major publications like WSJ, Forbes, Huffington Post, Thomson Reuters. 

He is the co-author of the book Planet Entrepreneur and  is the author of the upcoming book LIFEE: Life Instructions for Entrepreneurs and Executives.

David is a board director for the New York City Opera Renaissance, London-based UBS Charity of the Year ARCHIVE Global, and a board advisor for The Washington Ballet. He is a board director also of the Carnegie Hall Einhorn Oratorio Project in honor of the Ukraine MH17 flight victims which allows him to work and advise US Ambassadors from, but not limited to, Dominica, Ukraine,  Marshall Islands, Australia, Canada and Sweden.

Born in Sweden and fluent in six languages, Mr. Drake has an MBA in Finance and an MA in International Law and Economics from George Washington University, where he was awarded the Wallenberg Scholarship for academic merit.