John Novitsky

John Novitsky has been an integral part of multiple Si Valley companies, serving precisely at the intersection of 1) understanding new technology, 2) identifying new target market segments and new customers, 3) sifting through high level concepts and tiny details to define new products, and product roadmaps, 4) executing business development to deliver those initial customer sales/products/target markets, and then 5) backing it up with suitable investors in that space.

He has worked inside one massive company (Intel), two in the $1M to  $100M range, and dozens in the “no revenue yet”.  He has been part of the Executive team for one IPO, two acquisitions, and dozens of funding events.  While most of his experience is in computer chips or in Software, he has done one company that sold tech services to farmers, and is involved now with a company that sells water purification/test services into Kenya, Nepal, California (earthquake preparedness) and into Flint, Mich (to take the Lead out).   For our Euro friends, he is a multi time national champ bicycle racer, and supports several top Americans and one Dutch racer.