Michael Stankosky, DSc

Dr. Stankosky obtained his doctorate from George Washington University (GW) by researching organizational effectiveness. His subsequent research focuses on how to engineer and manage a global enterprise in a knowledge-based economy.
He joined GW in 1998, and is currently a Research Professor & Professorial Lecturer of Engineering Management and Systems Engineering. There he created the theoretical constructs required for the master’s and doctorate in knowledge management (KM) – a first in academia. He is Editor Emeritus of VINE: The Journal of Information and Knowledge Management Systems – part of Emerald Group Ltd. He is an Executive-in-Residence at the Kania School of Management, University of Scranton.
He co-founded and co-directed the Institute for Knowledge & Innovation, a global network of scholars and practitioners of KM for over ten years. Their purpose was to create universally accepted frameworks and solutions for knowledge-driven enterprises. He has published many seminal articles on KM, made numerous presentations and workshops worldwide, and consults to both the private and public sectors. He is also a charter member of the New Club of Paris, dedicated to establishing international valuation and accounting standards for intellectual capital/knowledge assets.
Representative works:
• Stankosky, Michael (with Annie Green and Linda Vandergriff) eds., 2010. In Search of Knowledge Management: Pursuing Primary Principles. Elsevier, Bingley, UK.
• Stankosky, Michael, ed., 2005. Creating The Discipline of Knowledge Management. Elsevier, Burlington, MA.
• Stankosky, Michael (with Carolyn Baldanza), 2000. A Systems Approach to Engineering a Knowledge Management System. In Barquin, R. ed. Knowledge Management: The Catalyst for Electronic Government. Management Concepts Press, Vienna, VA.