Nathan Schor

Nathan Schor began his IT career as a database programmer, but evolved into sales where he accumulated over three decades of experience deploying CRM solutions in a wide variety of businesses.

About ten years ago he began to notice an increasing number of discoveries in cognitive science and behavioral economics that had a direct bearing on influencing people. These recent advances were turning persuasion and sales into much more of a science than the art they’ve been for centuries. Indeed, it would not be exaggerating to claim that sales is experiencing an excitement much like chemistry did when Mendeleev introduced the periodic table or physics when Einstein published relativity.

In tracking those insights for improving his own techniques, he realized the discoveries are also directly applicable to scenarios founders typically encounter. So he composed a class summarizing his findings – Persuasion for Engineers and Founders –
This innovative scientific-based approach to presenting selling tuned out popular, especially with those holding a STEM degree, who aren’t typically exposed to the best practices involved in communicating persuasively. Such absence is all the more detrimental if the other side is versed in what works in negotiating.

His present focus is on helping founders taking a demand-side approach to ecommerce. This transformative initiative reverses the direction sales transactions typically take. Empowering customers to ‘intentcast’ what they plan to purchase avoids the intrusiveness, inefficiency, and abuse of consumers’ personal data that accompany sellers broadcasting a message to the very many in the slim hope of catching the very few.

To help those customer-centric startups enter the commercial mainstream, he organized the first ever investor event focused exclusively on demand-side business models

Nathan graduated Summa Cum Laude from Boston College with majors in Philosophy and Psychology.