Global Forum Copenhagen, Denmark

The Global Forum 2018 is taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark on November 5th & 6th. This 27th edition will be the first Global Forum edition in Denmark and a comeback in Northern Europe after the Oulu edition success.

We decided to organize this new edition in the city of Copenhagen which is a perfect venue for hosting the GF 2018, as Copenhagen is among the top fastest growing cities in Europe with ambitious goals such as becoming CO2 neutral city by 2025 with a strong focus on innovation, growth, employment and quality of life. Denmark is in 2017 again 1st out of the 28 EU Member States in the Digital Economy and Society Index. Denmark announced a new 2025 economic plan which aims at increasing GDP with DKK 80 billion (€ 10,75 billion) by 2025.

We are sure that this first Danish edition will be a memorable success. Take part in this new edition!